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Boyu LJ Series Dragon Aquarium with Cabinet (25L)

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The BOYU LJ-380 25L Aquarium + Cabinet is a refined and stylish hexagon-shaped aquarium that is ideal for beginners looking for a small tropical or planted tank. It has a built-in hood lighting system with a single PL-11W tube and a 10 000K colour temperature. It includes a built-in 290L/H hood filtration system and a pump system. The flip-top hood makes it simple to access and clean the aquarium. Includes a modern, high-quality pedestal cabinet. A high-quality filtration system improves the living conditions of your fish and plants. It has a low power usage of 4W and comes with a high-quality matching cabinet that is elegantly designed. Suitable for keeping fish in freshwater, tropical, or marine environments. FEATURE: 1.Energy saving high intensity lighting system:low energy consumption and high efficient light-tube. 2.”Flip-top” upper lid:back-turn aquarium lid, easy maintenance.ruggedized ABS plastic. 3.Upper bio-filter system. Tank Size: 25L | 401mm (L) x 214mm (W) x 475mm (H) (Cabinet Height 80cm) Filtration System: 290L/H Lighting System: PL-11W Note: Does not include a heater, Fish, and Decorations WARNING: This aquarium is designed and recommended for use in fresh or brackish water. However, most of its components are inert to seawater and bio-compatible with saltwater and reef organisms, so it can house fish and invertebrates compatible with the size of this aquarium. Due to the specific biological needs of many marine organisms, they require additional specific equipment not included, and it may be necessary to modify the aquarium to accommodate certain equipment, such as protein skimmers, water recirculation equipment and specific lighting. Request the support of a specialist to carry out these extensions.


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