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Horizone Hales Anchorworm 10 Capsule

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HALES anchor worm is highly effective for treating aquatic parasites like anchor worm, fleas and fish lice etc… It is effective even to kill the eggs and larvae of parasites. -Available in capsule form. -Highly effective for treating aquatic parasites. -Herbal medicine that doesn’t cause any side effects. HOW TO USE : Day 1: 1 capsule for 15 litres of water. Day 2: Remove 1/3 of water and fill up with the same, then put 1 capsule for 15 litres of water. Day 3: Remove 1/3 of water and fill up with the same, then put 1 capsule for 15 litres of water. Day 4: If there are instances of more stubborn anchor worms not being killed, repeat the treatment process. Before repeating treatment, make a 40-50% water change. PRECAUTION : 1. Please do not use it with strong acids, alkaline or other drugs. 2. Provide adequate aeration Note: This medication has undergone multiple intensive tests to assure its promised effectiveness and safety. But in rare cases, some susceptible fish may react negatively to this medication (>0.1% chance). Always supervise the fish for at least one hour after treatment. In case of fish breathing heavily or dashing in the tank, perform a 50% water change immediately.  Not recommended for arowanas


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