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Sera UV-C System

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Sera UV-C System UV-C clarifier for fresh and salt water up to 500 l sera UV-C systems are universally applicable, particularly powerful and suitable for use in ponds and aquariums. UV-C light is not present on Earth, it is radiation that comes exclusively from space. For this reason, throughout evolution, no organism has been able to adapt to this intense radiation, neither pathogenic agents (bacteria, viruses, fungi), nor parasites, nor filamentous algae in the proliferation phase. In UV-C systems we take advantage of this fact and improve, with its use in filtration, the living conditions and health of the animals in the aquarium. Water cloudiness caused by bacteria and green water in the pond is effectively prevented. Inside, these systems radiate, in a short time, the water that passes through them with ultraviolet rays. The equipment has a lamp that emits UV-C rays and is protected by a high-quality quartz tube and surrounded by the water to be treated. Water enters through one connection and exits through the connection on the opposite side of the equipment. Multiple adapters allow the connection of flexible tubes with different diameters. The high efficiency PL-UV-C lamp can be easily changed. The end pieces with hose connections are rotatable so that the connected hoses can be short. The systems are available in different sizes, depending on the needs (see table). They are connected with a flexible tube to a pump that has adequate power. sera UV-C systems are equipped with energy-saving lamps and upstream ballasts, the operation of which does not affect the lamps. Sera Uv C System 5 Watts,24 Watts, and 55 Watts, Marine and Freshwater Water clarifier


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