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Aquael FIX 2 Heater

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Aquael FIX 2 Heater SMARTLY FIXED Electronic, glass aquarium heater designed for small and medium-sized aquariums from 7,9 inch high. Available in two models, with 50 and 100 W. Excellent for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Reliable and automatic The heater has a built-in microprocessor thanks  to which  the device automatically adjusts the heating power to maintain the right water temperature and prevent its rapid fluctuations. Thanks to this innovative solution, the heater  is completely maintenance-free, which is a big advantage for the user. So you don’t have to worry about manually adjusting the temperature of the water in your aquarium, because FIX 2 will do it for you. Energy efficient Thanks to the integrated Smart  Heating System (SHS) heating power adjustment system, the aquarium heater consumes only as much energy as is needed to heat the water. This system automatically adjusts the heating capacity, which contributes to significant energy savings. It should be noted that this device is characterized by extraordinary precision, because it maintains the temperature with an accuracy of ±0.5°C . This is very important for maintaining optimal living conditions for the inhabitants of the aquarium. LED indicating and operating mode The heater has an LED located in its upper part, which informs about the operating mode of the device in the following way: constant LED lighting – maintaining a temperature of 77 °F [25 ° C]; slow flashing – heating; fast flashing of the LED – temperature above 77 °F [25 °C].


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